Inner Turmoil

Directed by: Sean B

Inner Turmoil takes you on a journey through the depths of a human psyche. 

It poses the questions: How far are you willing to go to become the person you’re meant to be? What do you tell that voice in your head that’s always pulling at you? This film explores themes of self-discovery and internal struggle while offering a a thought-provoking and visually stunning cinematic experience. 

 We recommend wearing headphones while watching the film to enhance your viewing and audio. 

Stills taken by: Van Green


Executive Producer: Sean B 

Executive Producer: CultureAtlanta 

Producer: India Alston 

Director: Sean B 

Writer: Sean B

Lacey: Alex Pillow 

Director of Photography: B.P. Edwards 

1st AD: Michael Sanchez 

Gaffer: Jacques Ketchens 

Audio: Rayana Villalpando 

Sound Design: Craig Smith

MUA/Prosthetics: Lauren Daily 

Body Double: Molly Williams

Stills Photographer: Van Green

Production Assistant: Justine Iorga 

Sony Venice Camera: The Camera Division

Anamorphic Lenses: The Camera Division

'Bleed' by: Craig Smith

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